Bradwell Edge Circular Walk


45 minutes

~1.8 miles

Hill Trail


Bradwell Edge is part of a hill that towers over Bradwell village in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Within 30 minutes you can reach the top and walk along. Admire sweeping views of Hope Valley region, including Edale and Hope. This is a less crowded trail that will take your breath away but not becuase it was exhausting.

  • Preparation
  • Terrain
  • Local Amenities
  • Getting there
  • Gear: This trail can be complete without supplies and outdoor gear in dry conditions. However, we recommend waterproof walking shoes after extended rainfall or in wet weather conditions due to inescapable mud puddles and slippery hillside paths with rocks.

    Dogs: Well behaved, sociable dogs should only be let off the lead on certain parts of the trail (mentioned in the steps below) to avoid collision with cars on tight roads and aggravating livestock on the hill.

  • Elevation: Average incline up Bradwell Edge is around 12%. Most of the walking route is sloped. Elevation may increase towards 15% at certain points but not for very long.

    Terrain: The walk consists of hillside roads getting to the hill entry point. From there, the surface going up (and down) is mostly dirt paths with some buried boulders sticking out the ground. The top is full of grassland.

  • Supplies:

    • Co-op
    • Bradwell village shop
    • Bradwell general store


    • Bradwell Town Gate (side of Brook Cafe)
    • Inside pubs

    Places to eat:

    • The Bakehouse Deli (sandwiches, salads)
    • Brook Cafe (homemade treats, hot drinks)
    • Bradwell fisheries (fish & chips, pies)


    • The Shoulder of Mutton
    • The White Hart
    • The Bowling Green
  • Getting there by train: Take Northern Rail from Sheffield station in 25 minutes or Manchester Piccadilly station in 50 minutes and get off at Hope station. Walk through the carpark and continue down to the main road. At the junction there is a bus stop to your right. Take the 271, 272 First and Hulleys of Baslow buses going from Castleton to Sheffield. Bradwell is the first stop just 5 minutes away. Check the timetable as some route times skip straight on to Bamford.

    Getting there by bus: From Bakewell Square, take the Hulleys of Baslow 173 bus going to Castleton. If you’re coming from Sheffield Bus Station or already in the Hope Valley region e.g. Castleton, Hope, Hathersage get the 271, 272 bus.

    Getting there by car: Use your GPS or Google Maps to find the village. Make sure it’s the one in Hope Valley, Derbyshire. Park on Church Street, the main road going in/out of Bradwell near St. Barnabas’ church.

Step 1 - Church Street

Get off the bus at ‘Bradwell church’ on the far end of village or park on the same road, Church Street, and crossover. Follow the road straight on in the picture and take the first left up a side road called ‘The Hills’. Note: you can also walk the other way towards the church and take the first right, then go straight up some stairs.

Bradwell Church Street bus stop and parking

Step 2 - The Hills

Follow the windy road up The Hills for a minute until you get to a square. Keep going straight down New Road towards Edge Lane, veering slightly to the left as the road splits. You can see Bradwell Edge through the houses. Soon you’ll be at the top!

Bradwell, Bessie Lane, The Hills

Step 3 - Edge Lane

Within a minute you’ll see a bin, bench and sign for Edge Lane. Take a right up the lane. Walk 4 minutes until you get to the wooden gate at the top. Well behaved dogs can be let off at this point. Just note that other walkers with dogs may be coming the other way.

Edge Lane path and trees

Step 4 - Bradwell Edge Gate

When you arrive at the gate going up to Bradwell Edge, reattach the lead to any dogs as livestock such as sheep could be in the area. Head up and stick up and then stick to the right. Note: As the paths become quite narrow it’s best to keep the lead on until you reach the top in case someone is coming the other way. Although you may be fine during a weekday when it’s quiet.

Wooden gate and jack russell at bottom of hill

Ignore the blue arrow pointing to the left on the wooden pole (see below). That is the path you’ll come from on the way down. Of course, you can also do the walk in reverse for a different perspective but the other path obscures your view of the village on the way up and is safer to travel downhill as it’s less steep.

Step 5 - Going up Bradwell Edge

After 3 minutes the path will bend to the left up a rocky lane.

Rocky hill path

The path above will quickly lead to a little grass area where the route ahead is bushy and narrow. Instead, go right and continue following the dirt path.

As you near the summit, here is the place to reattach your dog to the lead if you haven’t already. Sheep and cows are more likely to be at the top than anywhere else. When you get to the end of the path there is a style leading to Shatton Moors and Bamford. Turn left instead.

Step 6 - Bradwell Edge Summit

Now you’ve reached the top you can enjoy the beautiful views of Bradwell village and Hope Valley. Find a random spot to eat or follow the stone wall straight on. You can see along the top so if there are no sightings of livestock you can let doggo roam free once again.

Hope Valley in Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

After 10 minutes, you’ll reach a stone wall in front with a path descending to the left.

Step 7 - Going down Bradwell Edge

Follow the path down for 8 minutes. It’s a welcoming change that follows along the hillside. You’ll find interesting shrubs, trees and distant views of fields. Stick to the right if you reach a split path.

Bradwell Edge downhill view

You’ll reach a tree with a blue arrow pointing to the right. In short succession, take a right, then turn left towards the pole not long after mentioned in step 4. Now you’ll be able to see the gate to head back.

Go down Edge Lane and reattach the dog lead near the bottom. Then head straight down through New Road and The Hills until you reach the bus stop.

New Road, Bradwell

The Shoulder of Mutton pub is waiting at the bottom if you want a refreshing selection of locally sourced drinks and pub lunch. Or head into the village centre on Main Street to find places to eat. You can use the exact same bus stop to leave the other way towards Castleton/Hathersage/Sheffield or if closer to the shops use the bus stop outside Memorial Hall.