How many days do you need in the Peak District?

The Peak District National Park is vast and beautiful. Between the outdoor activities, scenic views and quirky villages filled with history there is so much to do when you visit. In fact, many locals are yet to discover a lot of the hidden spots it has to offer including waterfalls, caves, and countryside trails.

Realistically, you’re not going to get the full experience in a single trip. The Peak District, while full of adventure, takes on a much slower pace. And this isn’t just because of the older residents obstructing pavements. Tourists wander at a steady speed, taking in the stunning landscapes as they go along. This can be a welcoming change for anyone looking to escape the stress of busy towns or cities, but if you’re the restless type you may struggle to adapt to your new surroundings. So how long you should stay is based on the type of person you are and why you want to go, as well as your interests.

  • If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway then you should stay for a week to give your state of mind enough time to detox and become mindful of the nuances that make the Peak District special such as varying flower species and rock formations.
  • If you like to keep busy then you should only need 3 days in the Peak District. Within that time you can fill an itinerary of exciting outdoor activities without overworking your muscles or getting impatient by the slower pace. Pick dates when there are events going on such as Bakewell carnival or when the weather permits for cycling trails etc.

It’s most common for visitors to take regular trips to the Peak District for the weekend. However, if you live far away it becomes more convenient to stay for one week. The rural lifestyle mixed with temperamental weather can make it difficult to endure two weeks in the Peak District when you’re used to being in or near a city.

There may be a particular hotspot such as Bakewell that attracts you to the Peak District. In which case, you will only need to stay for 1-2 days. However, to cover most of the popular landmarks, you would need 7-10 days. This is because you will spend a great deal of time walking between destinations so it’s difficult to visit several locations within a short period. When you include eating and resting you may get through a few villages each day. You can plan walks so that you get to travel from village to village and this way you’ll be able to cover more of the Peak District national park each time you visit.

In 7 days you could explore the biggest hotspots: Bakewell, Dovedale, Mam Tor, Edale, Thor’s Cave, the Monsal trail, Kinder Scout, Robin Hood’s stride, Buxton, and Chatsworth House. This would give you a well-rounded experience covering everything from quint town markets, pubs and cafes to larger than life stately homes with journeys reminiscent of a Lord of The Ring film crossing hills, valleys and caves.

Adventures in the Peak District are quite active so don’t overdo it. Use the days visiting the small towns like Bakewell and Buxton as breaks to check out local shops and food places.